Philippe Haberer
I do the job I love.
The encounters I make everyday ‘feed’ me and allow me to grow.
After working for 12 years in industry and services, his experience of management, including human resources management, led him to focus on training.
In conjunction with the leadership specialists of the most prestigious management schools, Philippe developed innovative tools to optimize teams’ effectiveness.
Philippe Haberer created the company PHConsult in 1997, dedicated to European seminars and more recently, EXLEA for Asian programs, based in Singapore.

Jules Marchand
Jules Marchand is, above all, a photographer
He loves to capture emotion. Jules has a unique eye for seizing rare moments and anticipating them by pressing on the RECORD button, even before they've happened.
He is also an adventurer who loves the Great Outdoors.
His last adventure took him by bike, solo, across the American West, for more than 7,000 km.
Jules is bilingual English and French.
Thomas Dulac
Thomas is a Mountain guide
He is also a writer and a photographer. He is a 21st century adventurer, specializing in the Sahara desert, and walking on the steps of Frison Roche.
The sparkling eyes of his clients when they have reached the top of the mountain and the magnificent pictures he brings back are his most precious rewards.

Jean Villard
Jean lives in Chamonix
He is a ski instructor and mountain guide. He also participates in the development of technical apparel for the ski industry.
Jean is in charge of safety for PhConsult’s team building sessions.
Gaël Pernollet
Gaël Pernollet is a young mountain guide from the Chamonix region/valley.
His field of expertise is mountaineering and he is familiar with numerous routes in this mountain range.
He is also a talented skier. On rainy days, he devotes himself to working with wood.
Since 2003, he has regularly collaborated with PhConsult on the teamwork seminars.
Vincent Ravanel
Vincent Ravanel comes from that long line of great names...
...who have distinguished themselves in mountaineering. As a mountain guide in Argentière, he specialises in big treks in virgin snow where he enjoys leaving his own mark.
He strides around the Alps as one of life's epicurians, combining a thirst for the great outdoors with a desire for good company.
In his spare time, Vincent builds chalets which reflect his warm and playful style.